Tips for a Healthy Marriage

happy-marriageMarriage, and relationships in general, are never easy.

Things come up and things happen. The thing is though; no one ever said love would be easy. They just said it would be worth it. Which it is.

you read our article about knowing when you are ready for marriage. But what about after the marriage? If you want to know how to keep a healthy marriage then just read these tips for a healthy marriage.

Communication is Key!

One of the biggest reasons that marriages and relationships fail is one that is ever so easy to avoid. That is a lack of communication.

When you get started in a relationship you can spend hours just talking to eachother. Over time the levels of communication go down though. You talk less.

Change that. Talk more with your partner. Especially if something is on your mind. If there is something bothering you then say it before it becomes such a big problem that you explode and start an argument. There is a difference between communicating and arguing. check this article with nice tips to help you with communication.

Keep the Passion Alive

Another problem with long term relationships is a lack of passion.

Again, at the start of a relationship, you’re lucky if you keep your hands off each other long enough to get anything done. Then things just fall into a routine and you’re lucky if you ever feel the passion again.

A lack of passion is a common cause for cheating or for falling out of love. People meet someone new and they feel that same spark of passion but you know what? Typically they could end up in another passionless relationship. Take the time to enjoy being together and find ways to keep the passion in the relationship alive. check these dating ideas from the health website here.

Say “I Love You”

It may sound silly to keep saying that you love someone after years together but it’s a small gesture that can go a long way.

If you go too long without saying it then it’s easy for the other person to think that perhaps you don’t love them anymore.

Those three little words can have a serious effect on a relationship so make sure to keep the love alive by letting your partner know how much you still love them. Surprise your partner by calling them up just to say it to them.

Be Complimentary

Don’t be afraid to compliment your partner in public.

You should at least feel comfortable complimenting them in front of children if you have them. Complimenting your partner makes them feel better and makes them feel closer to you. It makes them know how much you really like them.

If you do it in front of the kids then they pick up positive messages about how couples should interact and it makes them feel good to know their parents are loving towards eachother.

These are just some of the ways you can secure a long and happy marriage. There are plenty of other things you can do too. If you feel like your relationship isn’t as healthy as it could be, whether you’ve been together ten weeks or ten years, then it’s up to you to do something about it. No one else will.

Tips To Get Rid Of A Pimple for your wedding day

pimple-faceLet’s face it; pimples are embarrassing and pointless. It is even worse when it is your Wedding day.No one wants them, yet we all get them at some point. But how do you get rid of them? That’s a question that is about to be answered.

Here’s how to get rid of a pimple quick so it won’t ruin your wedding day :


Ice is used all the time to treat swelling. A pimple is a kind of swelling. Ergo it stands to reason that ice can be used to treat a pimple. It’s true too. Just apply ice to a pimple and it’ll go down. It also reduces the redness and noticeability of pimples, as well as tightening the skin to help get rid of them quick.


Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which can be used to get rid of pimples.

This method isn’t quite so quick, as it’s an overnight fix, but it’s still faster than most over the counter remedies. Apply fresh (not bottled!) lemon juice to the pimple before bed and wash it off with warm water in the morning. You’ll be amazed at the results.


Toothpaste can also be used for pimples. You need to use white toothpaste for this. Apply the toothpaste to the pimple and leave it there for at least half an hour.

Like with the lemon you might prefer to leave it on overnight. Then wash it off later/in the morning. Repeat it until the pimple is gone.


Whether or not you like the taste and smell of garlic, there’s no denying how good it is for you. It’s an antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic that can cure what ails you, including pimples. All you have to do is cut a piece of garlic in half and apply it to your pimple.

Hold it there for at least five minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Do this several times a day and your pimple will be history.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a must have if you need an astringent for oily and acne prone skins thanks to its properties.

However, it can also be used for many other uses on face such as pimples, cuts, moisturization. Check the article from our friend’s blog about the many witch hazel uses on skin here. We learnt a few things too.

Baking Soda

To fix your pimples with baking soda first create a paste by mixing one teaspoon of baking soda with water or lemon juice. Apply the paste to your face for a few minutes.

It’s important to not leave it on for too long because baking soda can damage your skin, as well as help it. Wash it off with warm water. Like with the garlic you can do this several times a day for quick results.


Cucumbers are filled with potassium and vitamins that are all good for the skin. What’s good for the skin is good for getting rid of pimples. That’s why you see people who put cucumbers over their eyes. You can use cucumber in two ways. The first is to leave it in water for a few hours and then drink the water or apply it to your face.

The other is to create a face mask. You do this by grinding a whole cucumber. Apply the mask to your face, leave for fifteen minutes, and wash it off with warm water.

Give each different trick a try and see what works for you. Of course the best way to get rid of pimples is to not get them at all. Don’t neglect skincare, especially when it comes to your face.

How To Tell When You’re Ready For Marriage

marriage coupleMarriage is something that most people want to go through. They pick someone who they feel will be their partner in life and love. Sometimes people move too quickly though. Or they don’t realise they’re ready and then they never end up getting married. If you want to know if you’re ready for marriage then let’s take a look at how you can tell.

You’re Committed (And so is Your Partner)

The biggest hindrance to marriage is a lack of commitment. There’s no real shame in not being committed enough. But if you want to get married you have to be committed. Marriage is supposed to a lifetime commitment. If you don’t look at your partner and see yourself staying with them, dealing with your mother-in law, always, through thick and thin, then you just aren’t ready yet and you still need to grow some more.

The Relationship is Stable

As well as being committed you need a stable relationship to get married. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get married if you have some arguments. No relationship is perfect. But if your relationship is toxic and you fight a lot then maybe you aren’t ready. You also shouldn’t get married if you find yourself constantly breaking up and getting back together. Stable relationships make for stable and long lasting marriages.

You Think in Terms of “We” and “Our”

When you think about your future, and the future you have with your partner, are you one entity? Do you think of your future as their future too? This is another big sign. When you think about the future and see yourself with them then it’s a good sign your relationship is in the right place for marriage. If they aren’t in your future plans then don’t make a commitment like marriage. It’s only going to work if you see yourself with them in the long term.

You Accept Their Past

One reason that marriages fail is that you don’t really know enough about your partner. Especially when it comes to their past. The past really does define the future. If you are worried about the past your partner has and the likelihood of it repeating itself then no, you aren’t ready for marriage. You need to know the things that could hinder your marriage, accept them, and move past them. Don’t hide your own past from your partner either. They have to know and accept you too.

You Plan a Marriage, Not a Wedding

There’s a difference between a wedding and a marriage. Everyone wants an ideal wedding, but very few actually consider the marriage that comes with it. You aren’t ready for marriage if all you want is a good wedding. You have to want the lifetime marriage that comes after it.

These are some of the signs that you are ready for marriage. It’s a major decision so please don’t rush it. Don’t forget that all of these points also apply to your partner.

Don’t just ask yourself if you are ready for marriage, ask yourself, and your partner, if they are ready for marriage too. yeah you need to take into account the feelings and opinion of your belved one…

8 Winter Skincare Tips

winter-timesWinter is a really rough time of year for your skin.

With that in mind here’s a list of eight quick tips to keep your skin in good condition over the winter.

1.Wear Sunscreen, Even In The Cold

That’s right; sunscreen is for more than just the summer. The sun still shines during the winter and you’re still exposed to it. So don’t be afraid to put on the sunscreen even if you don’t feel the warmth.

2.Wear Gloves!

The hands are the part of your body that is hit hardest by the cold and harsh weather. Make sure that you wear gloves when you go outside. If you like to wear woollen gloves then it’s also a good idea to wear a thin cotton glove underneath to protect your skin from the wool.

3.But No Wet Gloves

Not only are wet gloves and socks bad for your health they’re also very bad for your skin. Take off wet clothes when you get indoors and get changed as quick as you can. Consider having a nice warm shower too before getting changed.

4.Moisturize Your Skin More

Winter makes your skin very dry and cracked. The easiest way to beat that is by moisturizing your skin regularly. Use serums such as hyaluronic acide  or vitamin C serums to keep it on top shape. Check the guide of the beauty blogger sophie, who wrote an in depth guide to help you choose the best vitamin C serum here, we asked her to write the same for hyaluronic acid.  When you pick out a moisturizer it’s also important to pick out an oil based one, rather than a water based one. The oil adds some extra protection for your skin.

5.Use A Humidifier

Everyone puts the heater on to survive the cold weather. The problem is that heaters leave your skin dry and cracked because they blow out hot and dry hair. A humidifier fixes that problem by making sure there is moisture in the air. So hook up the humidifier, as well as the heater.

6.Use Some Honey

When it comes to dry skin you need a good hydrating scrub. You can make your own at home using some honey mixed with sugar; that will help you get rid of dead cells and boost your skin.  Honey reduces inflammation on the skin, which keeps it healthy, and sugar can increase circulation. This can be especially useful in the winter where the blood in your body is used to keep the core of your body warm, rather than the extremities.

7.Treat Your Feet

A simple way to take care of your feet is to use a hydrating scrub or a pumice stone before you go to bed. It’s a simple routine to get yourself into and get used to doing. When you’ve scrubbed away the debris of a rough day apply a thick moisturizer and sleep in your socks. You’ll notice the results pretty quick and it’s a routine you can continue after the winter for fabulous feet.

8.Be Picky About Your Pajamas

The last tip is to use cotton or silk pajamas. Basically the softer your pajamas are the better they are for your skin. Silk might be the best but it’s expensive and you still get good results with cotton. Avoid rougher materials like wool and you should be fine.

Tips to choose your wedding planner

roses marriageThe big day is on its way, and you find yourself drowning in a sea of crinoline and decoration options. Your husband-to-be doesn’t know the first thing about helping you organize.

It all seems to be falling apart before it starts. If only you’d hired a wedding planner to get you through this!

Thankfully, wedding planners are readily available to help you make sense of all the catalogs, cake decorations and venue options, but how do you pick the right person?

Before choosing your wedding planner, make sure you have your budget set and a vision for your wedding.

Leaving those details to the planner will probably overwhelm them, as they specialize in the details and not the overall picture. They simply make the overall picture happen while you relax and let the stress fade away. Once you’ve decided what you want for your wedding, there are a few questions to ask when interviewing a potential wedding planner that will help you decide which person is right for your and your fiance:

  • Are you available for the day of our wedding? This one may seem obvious, but you want to make absolutely sure they’re available before you hire them. They might be already booked that day, so have your wedding date planned and check their availability. Inquire as to how many clients they take on at one time so you know for sure they’ll be able to dedicate the time needed to planning your wedding.
  • Ask about experience. Ask for a resume if you want to. Have them tell you how they deal with any issues that arise and how they’ve handled these issues before. You want someone who won’t fall apart at the first sign of trouble. You can also ask them where they received their training and education to be a wedding planner. It never hurts to ask.
  • How will you work with vendors? Communication between the wedding planner and vendors at your wedding is key. Will you be able to hire your own vendors, or do you have to hire vendors your planner approves of? Hiring approved vendors can be a requirement with some wedding planners. Find out how any vendor issues will be handled as well.
  • How much of the planning are we responsible for? Each wedding planner is different. Some are purely logistical (making sure things run smoothly, floor plans, etc.) while others take a more hands-on approach. Decide your level of involvement so you can do the same for your wedding planner when choosing them. Have a clear payment plan and contract laid out before your wedding planner goes to work. You don’t want any surprises further down the line.

Although there are many details to work out with your wedding planner, these are the essentials to ensure a smooth run of your wedding ceremony. Any accomplished and experienced planner should be able to work off of these details and make your day a happy and stress-free one.

Prepare Your Skin for Your Wedding



To be the best your can be and look your optimum best, start preparing your skin and beauty regimen at least three to six months before your wedding.

Sounds like a long time, but ideally three to six month is perfect. If you only have 30 days to your big day, take advantage of all the time you have to get your skin in condition.

Give yourself time to find the right products for your skin type.

Finding the right skin products is often a case of trial and error, and research before finding the right system.

A basic skin care regimen should be cleansing, moisturizing, and toning twice a day – once in the morning and again at night. Do invest in products that work for you, but also try other products since your skin changes as you age.


Don’t neglect your diet. Six months before your wedding is a good time to stop using sugar that makes your skin look dull, alcohol that will make you look blotchy, and salt that causes water retention.

Acne breakouts

Months before your wedding, use produces that get rid of acne flare-ups. You don’t want to be treating acne just before your wedding. Use products that get rid of acne at least two or three months ahead of time. Research and find the best products that will not damage your skin. To help you, check the reviews about proactiv plus and zenmed acne skin care by, a beauty blog we love for their in depth cosmetic and beauty reviews. Acne is a long battle so use well formulated products that will help you get rid of excess oil and bacteria and get the clear skin you deserve for your D day.


Exfoliation is a great idea. Do it at home or make an appointment for professional microdermabrasion treatments in the months leading up to your wedding day. Exfoliation is awesome to purge your skin of blackheads, minimize pores, and retexture your skin.


Start with having a facial once a month. Facials give you the opportunity to clear up blemishes, detox your skin, and have hydration treatments. Professionals suggest that your last facial be about two weeks before your wedding.

The day before your big event, do not attempt a deep cleansing facial. Deep cleansing facials can lead to breakouts, red skin, and discomfort. Instead try a light skin buff and hydration facials that will give you radiant looking skin and provide a smooth canvas for the perfect makeup.

Beware of chemical peelings

To reduce the risk of redness, allergic reactions or irritation to your skin avoid glycolic peels, dermabrasion or other chemical peels for at least a month before your wedding day.


Don’t wait until the last minute to use injectables like Botox. If you have to use this types of product, do it three weeks before the wedding to avoid signs of residual bruising.


Forget trying to get tan. Healthy skin is what it is all about. Brides look prettier with the beauty of their natural skin tones. Sun and tanning beds will age you quickly, and you don’t want to have old and uneven skin tones on your big day. Watch out for tanning beds whose artificial lights penetrate deeper into the dermis.

Finally, do a trial run before your wedding day. Try out makeup on your clean new skin and experiment with hairstyles. To avoid last minute disasters, have a make-up and hair rehearsal at least two week prior to your day as you don’t want any unpleasant surprises.

And above all, enjoy your D-day 🙂

How to write your wedding vows

wedding vowsWhen the biggest day of your life draws near, every single detail can seem trivial.

Everything from centerpieces to flower arrangements to finger foods to lighting will get planned out to very specific details on your special day.

One important detail are your wedding vows. Many people choose to go with pre-written or traditional wedding vows recited by the officiator.

But sometimes, people decide to write their own vows.

After all, who knows you and your partner’s relationship better than the two of you?

There is no one better at professing your love to each other, so take advantage of that!

Writing your own wedding vows can put what feels like massive pressure on you to get them just right. But there’s no need to struggle.

Follow these simple no-sweat tips at writing wedding vows, and they will soon be another box checked off your to-do list:

  1. Determine if you and your fiancé will write your vows together or see them before the ceremony. Sometimes, people want their vows to be a surprise. Others don’t. You and your fiancé need to be on the same page as soon as you decide to write your own vows. Take the time to discuss what you want your vows to accomplish.
  2. Set a structure, tone, and a word count together, even if you will see each other’s vow beforehand. Even set a due date if you need to. You guys want to be on the same page, especially if you don’t know what the other is writing. You don’t want one to be too long or too short or too playful while the other is serious. Planning this out beforehand will help you avoid that disaster.
  3. Read tons of examples. Use traditional wedding vows as a starting point. What is their message? What are they trying to convey? Don’t be afraid to pull from things other than traditional wedding vows either. Look to books, poetry, movies, songs, and more! The possibilities are endless.
  4. Think about your relationship. Making a list of important moments and memories that highlight important times in your relationship. Add them into the mix. Try and find words and phrases that convey how you feel about your fiancé that have significant importance to your relationship. You know better than anyone what will touch your fiancé’s heart.
  5. Write too much. Write a book if you have too. It’s better to start with too much than too little. After all, how can you summarize the miracle of your love in just one or two short minutes? Start by pouring your heart out and refine it from there.
  6. Keep editing until you have a masterpiece. Move phrases around, swap them for different sayings, or just cut them out. Edit your vows to your heart’s content. Eventually, you will get to the point where your vows are perfect.

Writing you own wedding vows can seem challenging and stressful . But with a little planning and a lot of hard work, you can create vows that are perfect to express your love to your partner on your special day.

How to choose your best wedding photographer

wedding photographerNothing gives you the wedding blues like horribly-taken photos.

You may have saved a ton of money on a wedding photographer by entrusting your special day to Uncle Frank, but paying for it afterwards is not what you had in mind.

That’s why it’s important to hire a professional wedding photographer to make sure your happy memories don’t turn into serious regrets.

When looking for a good wedding photographer, make sure you’re choosing the right one by following these tips:

• Experience.

Just because they have 15,000 followers on Instagram and an expensive camera, it doesn’t mean they’re qualified to photograph your wedding.

Having the right equipment is one thing, but you also need someone who knows what they’re doing. Professional wedding photographers usually have online portfolios that allow you to check out both their work before you buy.

If they have reviews on their site, great. Check out what people are saying about them. If you can find reviews about them other than on their website, that’s even better.

You’ll get a more honest view of what they’re like from those who haven’t been handpicked for online testimonials.

• Price.

Weddings can be incredibly expensive.

You’ve got your dress to think about, table decorations, catering, etc., and the last thing you need is an overpriced photo shoot that ends up breaking your budget. That is stressful enough

You don’t want to have to cancel the honeymoon due to lack of funds. That being said, you don’t want to get the cheapest photographer on the market.

Quality photographers have a price; you’ll still have to spend a decent amount of money to get someone who has the experience necessary to take stunning, commemorative photos that you’ll cherish for years to come.

The best thing you can do is shop around. Don’t pick the first photographer you look at; wise shoppers weigh their options and don’t make hasty decisions.

• Recommendations.

Don’t stop at reading reviews on the photographer you’re considering hiring; if your photographer is local, seek out other people who have worked with this photographer before.

Have any of your family or friends had a good experience with this person? Was the photographer professional and friendly? Did your friend get the quality that they paid for?

Answering these questions through acquaintances you know and trust will not only help you pick your perfect wedding photographer, but it will put your mind at ease to hear others’ experience was a good one.

Your special day should stay special.

With the right know-how and a discerning eye, you’ll be able to pick the perfect wedding photographer who will capture those magic moments and make sure your wedding is an affair to remember, not a nightmare to forget!

Skin exfoliation : a must do to look your best for your wedding

flawless skin for weddingIt is a no brainer  if you want to look your best you need to do some skin exfoliation. you probably do it regurlarly, but among the clients I met, many of them don’t really exfoliate their skin regurlarly. But one of the best tips I can give to my clients is to exfoliate so make up will be even easier…. So I guess I wanted to write that post as a little reminder.

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians practiced exfoliation, and in the Middle Ages wine was mixed with tartaric acid as the active agent to exfoliate the skin ?

Exfoliation was common in Asia hundreds of years ago, and today exfoliation is always part of a facial.

Removing the oldest, dead skin cells on your skin’s outmost surface is exfoliation, and is a very important part of facials and body treatments. When done properly exfoliation leaves the skin looking fresh and feeling smooth.

As your skin ages, cell turnover slows down, and dead skin cells tend to cause dull and unattractive skin.

Exfoliating your face and body on a weekly basis helps rid of the skin of the top dead layers of skin. Moisturizers and serums better penetrate the skin, and exfoliation helps get rid of scars, wrinkles, and some pigmentation disorders.

Use exfoliation at least once a week so facial products like moisturizers can penetrate to the lower layers of the skin. Exfoliation is achieved through microdermabrasion, chemical peels, mechanical means, or lasers.

The Best Tools for Exfoliation

  • Forget the advertisements that tell you to use a fluffy nylon scrubby. It is pretty useless. Your skin will love you if you use a washcloth on your face and body when exfoliating.
  • Try using a dry brush. Make sure the brush is used on your entire face and body before showering and keep it dry outside the shower. Use exfoliating gloves; they are awesome. Use them as skin scrub gloves as you shower or bathe. A natural bristled brush is available in the cosmetic section of most stores. Start with your legs ad move slowly up your body. Brush in a circular motion.  Why not add some salt, coffee or sugar on your brush for a complete exfoliating experience. they are great to gently exfoliate your skin.
  • Use exfoliation scrubs that contain beads, sugar, salt or a natural exfoliating products on a washcloth or loofah and rinse off with warm water. Avoid hot water on your skin especially after exfoliating. Exfoliate every five to seven days and you will see an awesome change in your completion.
  • The best tool ever for exfoliation at home is a microdermabrasion machine, this  is a pretty recent skin-care technique that can give you an almost “instant facelift”, or an “instant glow”. It is a very nice alternative to costlier spa facials, and much nicer than a chemical peel.

A microdermabrasion machine uses a diamond tip to buff away the surface layer of skin, which is sucked by a vacuum feature.

We believe it is a definite must have to keep a healthy and glowy skin.

Our clients often ask us what we recommend.  Unfortunately we haven’t had the time to test several machines available on the market so we cannot answer the question, but we found an excellent article from the beauty blog that we already talked about previously in a post. They list in this article the best at home machines. Check their article about microdermabrasion machines here. They really did a great job at analysing several machines on several criteria. To make it easier for you, we gathered the direct links where you can read the reviews of  their top 3 machines:

Please note that we can also add some microdermabrasion sessions to our wedding packages for additional costs. 

In fact, we followed recommendations and bought the kendal HB-SF02 machine that we really love.

Yet, be extra careful with the delicate skin on your face. It is easy to get carried away and exfoliate too much or too hard. Remember to protect your skin after exfoliating.

Why we don’t usually get on well with mother-in-laws?

bride and mother in lawIt is often near the wedding time that Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships can become very complicated. In fact let’s be honest, it can be a bit difficult from the get go…

It could start out rough especially during the first few months of the couple. It’s basically a woman-to-woman problem but if left unresolved for a long period of time, it has the potential to turn into a family problem which nobody really wants, and you certainly don’t want it to ruin your wedding….

Don’t worry if you’re experiencing this problem right now because it’s more common than you think. Only a handful of women get along well with their mother-in-laws with no problems from day 1 until present so don’t stress over it that much.

It is a big deal but we assure you that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

So you can better understand the situation you’re in, here are a few reasons why we don’t really get along well with our mother in laws.

We’ll be adding in some tips that you can follow to foster a better relationship with her (because you have to) too:

Reason #1: She is a lioness protecting her position in the pride.

You’re the new comer and she does feel a little threatened that may take her place somehow. No mother-in-law will admit to this, of course, but think of it this way. She may not say it but she sees herself as someone who you can look up to, someone who you can go to for advice and someone whose advice you will always heed. While that isn’t a bad thing, sometimes mother-in-laws take it to the next level.

Solution #1: Accept her help and her opinion.

From time to time, try to ask for your mother-in-law’s help and for her opinion. But, you have to make sure that she knows her boundaries too.

How do you do that? By talking or communicating.

Ask her opinion about your wedding dress, invite her to your wedding make up consultation 🙂 Seek her help to organize the wedding to ease your stress.

And later, ask her what decorations would be appropriate for your child’s 1st birthday, ask her what wall paper color looks best in your living room and ask her to teach you her secret meatloaf recipe.

Afterwards, make sure that she knows that she’s appreciated for her help and her presence.

Reason #2: She doesn’t believe in the same things.

There are certain topics that are too hot to handle, especially during a family dinner or a family gathering.

Three at the top of the list would have to be money, religion and politics. The battle begins once someone makes a negative comment about someone else’s beliefs and, the bad news is, it could escalate and leave a few battle scars.

Solution #2: It’s ok to view things differently.

The keyword here is acceptance. As long as your mother-in-laws beliefs don’t cross the morality boundary, then just let it go and accept the fact that people will differ in opinions sometimes.

Trust us when we say that this is a bullet that you absolutely must dodge. Just walk away from it if nobody is willing to.

Reason #3: You’re a new mom and she’s seasoned.

Parenting style – this also has to be at the top most of the list of reasons why mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws don’t get along well.

Comments similar to, “You should have taught your son to [insert whatever here]” are not appreciated and can sometimes come off as rude or insensitive. A lot of women have gone through this before and there’s a proper way to handle this situation:

Solution #3: Don’t take it the wrong way.

Most of the time daughter-in-laws think that when her new mother mentions anything about her children, it is a direct attack on her parenting style – she is judged, she is criticized and she is deemed unworthy to be a mother.

If you agree with this then you have to check yourself again. The solution does not rest on you taking the offense nor the defense. Most of the time, your mother-in-law did not mean anything by what she said. Thicken your skin a little bit.

Bottom Line for the Relationship to Work

The thing is, you both have to expect that there will be changes in their lives – you both have to make room for each other because that’s also what marriage is about: not just the union of two people but a union of two families.

Clear communication, acceptance, knowing limitations and a hint of being thick-skinned are needed for the relationship to work, not just for one side but, for both yourself and your new mom for the sake of your couple and your beloved ;