The Benefits of Vitamin A for Your Skin

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I am often asked what is my go to cosmetic active ingredient I personally could not live without. Well, If I had to choose, I would definitely say: Vitamin A. This is really the best ingredient to keep your skin young and fresh in the long term….. let’s see all the benefits of vitamin A

Vitamin A, and the products you can make or put it in to, are pretty big deals in the cosmetics and skincare industry.

They do a lot of good all-around and can do wonderful things for your skin. Here’s a look at why you need some Vitamin A for your skin.


Vitamin A has a number of anti-aging properties. One thing it does a good job is helping to remove wrinkles which are the number one indicator of aging.

Applying vitamin A rich products keeps your skin even and clean. Focus on areas around the eyes to further reduce signs of aging.

Skin Cell Growth

Another way that vitamin A benefits your skin is sparking skin cell growth. Vitamin A sends signals to and between your skin cells and can control their behaviour. It makes your body create new skin cells to replace older ones. This keeps your skin looking fresh and healthy.

When you have these skin cells ready to go your body heals better from cuts and scrapes. You need vitamin A to recover properly from an injury and prevent scarring and other problems like that.

Sun Protection

Vitamin A boosts how well your skin is protected by the harmful rays of the sun. Constant exposure to the sun can make your skin become inflamed, which is why it hurts when you have a sunburn. It also damages your collagen levels. Collagen is what makes your skin stay soft and smooth.

More and more exposure to the sun causes more and more collagen damage, which makes you look older and can do major damage to your skin.

As vitamin A sends messages between your skin cells it also intercepts other messages. It stops the process of collagen being destroyed by the sun, keeping your skin in good condition.

Though it’s important that you also keep up with your sun protection products like sunscreen. Vitamin A can’t do everything. Consider it supplemental sun protection.

Relieving Skin Conditions

Because vitamin A does so much for your skin, it is good for taking care of skin conditions like acne and eczema. If you have acne then take in more vitamin A through your diet and with supplements and it should help clear it up. It also stops it forming in the first place. Vitamin A can help with other issues like Eczema and cold sores by promoting healthy skin growth.

There are many foods that are rich in vitamin A and most of them are good for you anyway and worth taking in. Foods like eggs, kale, sweet potatoes, dairy products and pumpkin are all rich in vitamin A. If you’re not getting enough then you can consider taking supplements.

Though with every supplement it’s always worth asking your doctor beforehand to make sure you aren’t taking too much. You can also just use skincare products that are rich in vitamin A but you can’t go wrong with a better diet. So get more vitamin A and see what happens to your skin.