How to find a Good Hairdresser

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For your wedding day, you want to look the best. we often talk about the skin and makeup on but let’s not forget the hair.

Yeah, every woman knows the importance of finding a good hairdresser. Even some men worry about their hair, just not as much. (you want your husband to be smoking hot too, on your wedding day). So, you need a hairdresser that can leave you looking and feeling good ( stress free and relaxed )and you want to avoid the hair disasters.

Here are some tips on how to find a good hairdresser.

Ask Around

If one of your friends has a great haircut then ask them who did it for them. If you’re feeling particularly lucky you can even ask a random stranger who did their hair. Also do the opposite. If you have a friend who had a bad experience with a hairdresser then find out who did it so you can avoid that hairdresser.

Don’t Do Cheap

Budget salons are very alluring but a lot of them give you what you pay for; a really cheap haircut. There are some good budget salons but for the most part you should avoid a cheap hairdresser unless you hear one is particularly good. You don’t need to go super expensive either. Find one in the mid-range that works for you.

Look Around

One good thing about finding the right hairdresser is that you can look around as much as you want. If you try a hairdresser and they aren’t for you then just shop around more. Try out different salons until you find the one that’s right for you.

Have a Consultation

If you find a hairdresser or two that you like the sound of then you can book a consultation. Most good salons will give you the opportunity to have a consultation where they will explain what they do and what they charge for their services. It also gives you a chance to begin forming a relationship with them and see for themselves what the salon is like before you give them any money. If possible, bring a picture of your wedding dress so they recommend you a hairstyle that will fit your dress.

Build a Relationship

You’re going to talk to your hairdresser a lot. Because of that it’s a good idea to build up a relationship with your hairdresser. Be comfortable with and around them. Good hairdressers are also going to give you good recommendations. The best will be able to copy a hairstyle from a picture too. Which is great if you don’t know how to word what you want.

Give Them a Second “Date”

Most people are a little nervous on the first date. If you don’t hit it off immediately with your hairdresser, but you do like the cut, then give them a second try. The more you visit them the more comfortable you and the hairdresser will be. The more you deal with them the more confident they become that they can serve you well too. Find a good hairdresser and give them a real chance.

Finding the right hairdresser can save you a lot of time and money getting your hair fixed by someone else. Be sure to book a consultation to see for yourself what the hairdresser can do before giving them any money. Enjoy your haircut and have fun with the right hairdresser.

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