Why is it so Hard for Men to Say “I Love You”?

man in wedding suit

There are several things that men are great at, and then there are several things that we’re really bad at.

Expressing our feelings with words and saying “I love you” is one of them. I’ve had women ask me why we find it so difficult, and I’ve had men ask me why their women insist on them saying it. So I thought I’d take the time to sit down and explain just why it’s so hard for men to say “I love you”.

We Aren’t Feeling It

Sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one. There’s really a chance that your guy isn’t at the stage yet where he feels that he really does love you. We take love more seriously than you would expect. Consider how long you’ve been together and remember that a crush takes four months to turn into full blown love (it’s true!) when wondering why your guy hasn’t confessed his love just yet. If you’ve been waiting longer than half a year, it may be time to consider cutting him loose.

It’s Awkward

Men are raised from a young age to be awkward about their emotions; especially love. Most men have problems telling their own mothers that they love them. If he won’t say it to his mother, then what chance do you have? Sometimes it’s just way too awkward for us to say that we love someone, especially the first time we say it.

We Express Love With Actions, Not Words

To follow on from the previous point, men are much better at expressing themselves with actions rather than their words. If your guy does a lot for you; if he buys you presents, helps around the house, and is a tender lover; then it means that he loves you. He expresses his love through his actions. Never forget that actions speak louder than words, as this is one of the founding principles of Manhood.

We’re Not Ready for The Commitment

Many men (and even women) have grown up around parents that have continuously declared their love for each other, but ultimately ended up divorcing. If half of all marriages end in divorce, that’s a lot of men who have been taught one thing about love and shown another. We don’t want to declare our love to someone unless we really mean it and we can dedicate ourselves to giving you the great life we wish our parents had given each other.

We’re Scared

Despite our rough and tough exteriors, men can be very emotional beings. We’re just bad at expressing them, as explained above. Sometimes your man is just really scared to say that he loves you in case you don’t feel the same way about him. He could have issues dating back to his childhood of being rejected. If he was rejected a lot when he was younger, he’s not likely to make the first move this time around.

There are lots of reasons that men have trouble saying that they love you. They could be scared; they could find it awkward; they could just be bad at saying it; what matters most is that they prove it. Just because your man isn’t saying he loves you five times a day doesn’t mean he’s suddenly stopped loving you. Let your man know how much you love him, and he’ll let you know how much he loves you; one way or another. Communication is after a key component of a healthy marriage.