Tips for a Healthy Marriage

happy marriage

Marriage, and relationships in general, are never easy.

Things come up and things happen. The thing is though; no one ever said love would be easy. They just said it would be worth it. Which it is.

you read our article about knowing when you are ready for marriage. But what about after the marriage? If you want to know how to keep a healthy marriage then just read these tips for a healthy marriage.

Communication is Key!

One of the biggest reasons that marriages and relationships fail is one that is ever so easy to avoid. That is a lack of communication.

When you get started in a relationship you can spend hours just talking to eachother. Over time the levels of communication go down though. You talk less.

Change that. Talk more with your partner. Especially if something is on your mind. If there is something bothering you then say it before it becomes such a big problem that you explode and start an argument. There is a difference between communicating and arguing. check this article with nice tips to help you with communication.

Keep the Passion Alive

Another problem with long term relationships is a lack of passion.

Again, at the start of a relationship, you’re lucky if you keep your hands off each other long enough to get anything done. Then things just fall into a routine and you’re lucky if you ever feel the passion again.

A lack of passion is a common cause for cheating or for falling out of love. People meet someone new and they feel that same spark of passion but you know what? Typically they could end up in another passionless relationship. Take the time to enjoy being together and find ways to keep the passion in the relationship alive. check these dating ideas from the health website here.

Say “I Love You”

It may sound silly to keep saying that you love someone after years together but it’s a small gesture that can go a long way.

If you go too long without saying it then it’s easy for the other person to think that perhaps you don’t love them anymore.

Those three little words can have a serious effect on a relationship so make sure to keep the love alive by letting your partner know how much you still love them. Surprise your partner by calling them up just to say it to them.

Be Complimentary

Don’t be afraid to compliment your partner in public.

You should at least feel comfortable complimenting them in front of children if you have them. Complimenting your partner makes them feel better and makes them feel closer to you. It makes them know how much you really like them.

If you do it in front of the kids then they pick up positive messages about how couples should interact and it makes them feel good to know their parents are loving towards eachother.

These are just some of the ways you can secure a long and happy marriage. There are plenty of other things you can do too. If you feel like your relationship isn’t as healthy as it could be, whether you’ve been together ten weeks or ten years, then it’s up to you to do something about it. No one else will.