Medical treatments to get rid of acne scars before the wedding day.

acne scars

When we meet someone for her wedding makeup, we usually like to do it months before as we often can help her shine for he wedding day.

Make up is perfect to hide some scars but let’s be clear, we always recommend our clients to take action and improve their skin.

We know acne scars can be pretty depressing but the good news is that if you suffer acne scars there are treatments out there. There are a few different medical treatments for acne scars that you can explore a few months before your wedding day to give time for your skin to heal and shine.

Skin Peels

If you’ve tried conventional acne medicine and it’s not good a good job you should consider a chemical peel for acne scars. A chemical peel, much like the name implies, involves having a chemical solution applied to your skin. This makes your skin blister. As the skin blisters it is replaced by new skin. This exfoliation effect can remove acne blemishes and scars. It can also improve the overall appearance of your skin so there are other positive effects to skin peels.


A microdermabrasion treatment is similar to a skin peel in that the skin cells are removed. With this treatment tiny crystals are used to actually remove the skin cells and unclog your pores but a wand with diamond crystals is mostly used instead.

Microdermabrasion works great against superficial acne  scars. It doesn’t use any chemicals or lasers so some people may prefer this method for this reason. As microdermabrasion can be used for more than just acne it can be done on your face, chest, back or shoulders.

Check our packages : we propose some microdermabrasion sesssions here. But we do recommend you to consult your dermatologist first.

Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Laser treatments can be effective at treating acne scars because they are laser-focused. A dermatologist armed with a laser will only target the acne scar cells and leave the healthy skin cells nearby alone.

There are a few different kinds of laser resurfacing treatment options available. The two most common ones are CO2RE, which targets superficial and deeper skin layers and Fraxel, which goes much deeper into your skin. Your dermatologist will be able to suggest which is the right choice for your acne scars.


Microneedling is also good  for really deep acne scars. It also works to treat wrinkles and sun damage. With microneedling tiny needles are injected into the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. It essentially stimulates the body’s natural healing process. The needles can be sent as deep as needed to treat wrinkles and acne scars. It’s one of the best treatments for bad cases of acne scars and it does a lot less tissue damage than you’d think given the name of the treatment and the description of “tiny needles are jabbed into the skin”.

Which treatment will work best for your acne scars depends on your situation.

It’s important to discuss your options with your physician and dermatologist and get their recommendations. It can also depend on your personal preferences. if you want to read more about how to remove acne scars, take a look at sophie’s blog post which disscuses in detail all the available acne treatments.

But keep in mind if you consider some acne scar treatments, plan it a few months before your wedding makeup so the swelling or redness are gone for your wedding day.