What to do After an Argument With Your Loved One

argument couple

No one wants to go through an argument with the person they love.

It’s a sad fact of life that you will inevitably argue though. No relationship is perfect and if you think yours is then something is wrong. There are a few things to do to keep a healthy relationship.

But I guess the main issues stem from the fights and arguments with your beloved one.

There are things you can do after an argument to make things better though.

Here is a list of what to do after an argument with your loved one.

Give Them Space and Time

Immediately after an argument is when both of your tempers will still be flared and at their peak.

You’re both more likely to do or say something terrible if you don’t give someone the space and time they need to come down. If you try and make up too soon and they aren’t feeling receptive then you’ll just end up in an another argument.

Understand Why the Argument Happened

There’s a saying that you never fight for the reason you think you do. There are deeper reasons behind every argument.

Some big problems end up coming out through tiny little things.

Here are some of the real reasons that people argue. When you understand the reason why, you can move past it.

  • Inadequacy is a big reason your partner will start an argument.
  • They feel they aren’t good enough.
  • A fear of abandonment is another.
  • They are worried that you will leave them.
  • They may also feel unappreciated.

Remember that you may feel these things too.

Convey How You Really Feel In One Go

When you know the real reason you started an argument it’s important you convey that in a simple and concise manner. Just tell your partner exactly how you feel in one sentence.

Tell them what you feel and why. Such a sentence might be “I feel angry that I don’t have enough money to support you” or “I get scared if you talk to other people”.

Apologise, Even if You Aren’t to Blame

Even if you didn’t start the argument you can be the one to nip it in the bud and apologise for what happened. It can stop your partner and make them apologise too.

Explain that you didn’t want to argue with them and you want to try talking to them again when you’ve both calmed down. Remember to be sincere in your apology or your partner will pick up on it and you’ll quickly be in another argument.

Create Ground Rules

If your argument was a particularly bad one or it was about something that can be changed you may want to set new ground rules in your relationship.

You can agree to not shout at eachother again or agree that you or your partner won’t do the thing that caused the argument again.

Remember that love was never supposed to be easy. It was just supposed to be worth it. It is worth it too. Love can get past any argument or disagreement and if you and your partner love eachother you can move past this argument and, with careful manoeuvring, avoid such an argument in the future.