Wedding Makeup Tips for Your Special Day

make up tips for wedding

On your special day, the person doing your makeup is going to have a very important job to do. He or she has to make you the most beautiful you’ve ever been, ready to walk down the aisle, not to mention that he or she also needs to make your “most beautiful look” last for hours. It’s a pretty big job to do which is why it’s also the hardest.

The pressure is on but to ease it a little bit, we’ve gathered a few wedding makeup tips that you can remind your makeup person of. If you’re doing your own makeup, great! These tips will make it easier for you to achieve the perfect bridal look.

Wedding Makeup Tip #1: Less is More.

Simplicity is the key to any wedding makeup look because the idea is to bring out your best features and enhance them. There’s no need for over the top colors or over the top enhancements. Your motto should be less is more:

  • Choose neutral colors that bring out your eyes.
  • Tight-line your eyes instead of creating a bold wing.

(Tight line – applying eyeliner as close as possible to the lash line.)

  • Stick to peachy or bright pink colors for your cheeks and lips.

Wedding Makeup Tip #2: Waterproof.

Is it really necessary to waterproof your makeup even if your wedding venue is indoors? Absolutely. You’re still going to sweating, possibly crying, kissing, hugging, dancing and so on so it has to be waterproof or budge proof.

  • Use waterproof makeup products – waterproof eyeliner, waterproof mascara and etc.
  • Do not skip face primers
  • Use tint whenever possible – lip tints are a great idea.
  • Go for oil-free makeup products.

Wedding Makeup Tip #3: Never forget the trial.

If you do have a person doing your makeup, you absolutely have to book a trial run with him or her and, then, get your photo taken with and without flash once the trial makeup is done.

Doing the trial makeup will put your mind to ease since you’re going to see what you’re makeup is going to be like on your wedding day. This also presents you with a chance to give your makeup person some feedback on the makeup look he or she has done during your trial.

  • Be honest with your makeup person and let him or her know what you want and what you don’t want.

Now, let’s talk about taking photos with and without flash. Aside from seeing what you’re going to look like on your wedding day, you should also see what you’re going to look like in photos. Some foundation colors don’t appear the same way in photos as they reflect light differently. The same goes with highlighters, bronzers and blushes.

Wedding Makeup Tip #4: Hide and conceal.

The main thing that you should be focusing on is having perfect, glowing skin on your wedding day. It may be difficult to achieve when you don’t have great skin to start with but a combination of a good concealer and a full coverage foundation will do the trick.

  • Your skin has to look flawless during your wedding day so blend out your concealer and foundation with a sponge.
  • Apply just the right amount of both concealer and foundation. If both have great coverage, you don’t even have to apply much to get the result you want.

Wedding Makeup Tip #5: It’s YOUR day.

Don’t forget that it’s YOUR special day so whatever you say goes. If you want purple eye shadow, go for it. If you want darker lips, go ahead.

Why not? As long as you’re comfortable with your choices and as long as sure that it’s what you want then let your makeup person know.

Other Recommendations

Aside from the tips that we’ve already mentioned, don’t forget to work on your skin and your brows weeks before the wedding.

This means waxing, plucking, and facials have to be done early so any redness or irritation can be dealt with days or even weeks before the wedding.

Beauty treatments are also great for de-stressing so make sure that that you have enough of it or at least you have to make sure that you de-stress every once in a while as it will take a toll on your skin.